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Do you offer RPZ Testing?

We offer complete and reliable RPZ testing, call or email for details.


How can I keep my pipes from clogging?

For Kitchen/Bathroom sinks you can fill up the sink with hot water and let it go down once a month. The hot water helps break up some of the build-up in the line. As far as main sewer lines a yearly preventable maintenance rodding will help keep the roots from clogging the line and causing a back-up.


What is the best kind of drain clog remover? why?

We recommend not putting anything down your branch/main lines. A lot of the products for root killer will never even touch the roots. Roots usually grow from the top of the pipe and the stuff you put down is only touching the bottom of the pipes.

How can I keep roots from entering my plumbing/sewer? is there anything I can do?

There is really nothing you can do to stop roots from entering a sewer line besides getting a yearly maintenance rodding to help prevent them from clogging the line in the future.

Are there any pro's and con's of on demand heaters vs. traditional tank?

Tankless water heaters are sold as a connivence only not as a savings.  The pro's of them, you do get unlimited hot water instantly on demand providing they are sized/installed properly. The con's,  they are very costly to purchase and install and do require semi-annual maintenance to keep it running in proper order.


I want a low flow toilet, which brand is best?

Gerber toilets are the best flushing for the money.

Garbage disposal tips?

Run plenty of water before/during/after. Feed them slowly.


What are some of the most common, preventable plumbing issues?

The most common plumbing issue is people not using the garbage disposal properly. Another common issue is spigots freezing in the winter time to prevent this is by removing the garden hose in the winter time.


I have hard water, is there anything I could do to fix this?

Installing a water softener in your home will help remove any hard water issues.


If my sump pump can't handle the heavy rains, what can I do?

The most common way to solve it is by installing a higher output pump.

I have a lot of power-outages and worry about flooding, what can I do?

Installing a battery back-up will help you with any worry about flooding.